10-4 Good Buddy

Well, here we are at the annual celebration of the marriage of Nicholas Clark Shaffer and Linda Kay Rees Babcock Tucker Tucker Shaffer. Though I'm pretty sure this union was a guarantee when I first met Mr. S in 1979, we didn't actually get married until 1981. We said our vows in the presence of Bud Weimer, daughter Shannon Babcock and stepson Eric Tucker at the Cape Kiwanda Community Bible Church.

It should be said that the church is gone now but once was a Quonset hut in the small community of Woods, OR. We chose this church because they did not require counseling prior to marriage and the pastor was happy to marry us, despite my questionable marital past. He was kind and there was a set-up for a band next to the pulpit though music was not part of our ceremony. To this day I believe the drums and musical instruments were important to our ceremony in their silence.

Of course, we went to our favorite motel in Newport for our honeymoon. We stayed in the traditional Room 2 which was about to fall down on us but it was our favorite place. In those days we spent a good deal of time in Newport because Mr. S's father and wife Barney lived in South Beach and we loved spending time with them. We played a lot of pinochle and I lost a lot of money to Nick's dad who loved the idea of robbing me blind. Oh those Mr. S's... they are much alike.

With great sadness, I report that our dad is gone, along with his beloved wife and our favorite motel. These memories will never leave us. We have tried to go back to Newport and find them but they aren't there. What is here is our marriage which has now lasted 38 years and our relationship which has rounded the turn to 40 years.

So you know, we were married on April 10, 1981. The celebration of our marriage was held in May at the Oceanside Community Center. Memories of that event are documented in photos and it is a wonder any of us made it through this. Who knew? At that time Mr. S was Tillamook County's most eligible bachelor. Friends and family came from miles around to see the reality of him actually being married. Let us say that things got crazy and we proved that you can have too much fun. I can also say that we all lived through this event.

10-4 Good Buddy. Turns out that I married someone who is far more clever than I am. He quickly found a way to remember our anniversary because he'd heard too many jokes about men who didn't remember. He took a common phrase from that time and made it something to remember. To this day, our wedding day, April 10, is easily remembered as 10-4. The year doesn't seem to matter much now. We've been together a long time but not long enough.

Like all longtime friends, we sometimes square off on issues. Lately, I've been playing Nurse Ratchet for his knee replacement which makes me a real shriek. His first check up with his surgeon will be the day after our anniversary. We're both hoping that a successful report will be our best gift.

In the meantime, I have sharpened my big meany skills to no avail. This husband of mine is impossible to control, does not listen to reason and has no fear. He's been driving since the first week after his surgery, walks around like a Peacock and in general terms is a smart@#&*.

WAIT... this all sounds so familiar. I believe I was warned about this prior to our marriage. Did I listen? Nope. The other night I caught him actually timing one of my rants about the health of his knee. Really? He says I'm bossy. I say he's a bully. There must be something here that is actually working because his knee is healing like a champ.

In a few days, we'll find out the real truth. In the meantime, we'll be yin and yang as we focus on this lovely new knee and all that it may bring to our lives. Once he's able to actually walk without pain, my plan is to drive him nuts with day trips and local hikes. I don't hold out much hope.

Mr. S? He wants to ride his long-silenced Harley. Who will win this battle? 10-4 Good Buddy.

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