Fall Down, Go Boom

According to my doctors, family members, and friends, this is not supposed to be a funny story but nobody asked ME. I am at the center of this controversy and must tell you that from here it seems like there were plenty of funny moments in the month of July. At least two of those and their accompaniments were in my life. At the time I didn't laugh a lot but I never stopped my inner laugh recorder.

Why? Laughter keeps me alive and functioning. Without it I can't face this world and each of the days which arrive with news I can't comprehend. News which makes me so sad that I'm not always sure I can handle it. It's usually about that time when something funny or wonderfully good happens. These are the things which keep me going from one day to another.

Contrary to prevailing opinion, you can laugh during sad and tragic times. You can find the humor and reasons for happiness under all the grief. It's OK. and you should never be ashamed of finding joy in life... not ever. It's the very reason we are here. From birth we are offered up a chance to find the good things in life. This doesn't happen for all of us. Unfortunately there are too many reasons for this but my hope is that the people who are reading this can find some reason to smile inside this weekly grouping of words.

You may have noticed that this column has been built of re-runs for awhile and it is likely this trend will continue for awhile. During the month of July I took two epic falls. These were not accidents. There are NO accidents. Everything happens for a reason, be it poor judgment, lack of planning or reacting as opposed to proactive behavior. Mistakes create accidents. I am a classic example.

Fall number one happened in the house as I reached for bits of food on the floor. Remember that you can't hold onto a counter top with a phone in your hand. That was July 9. I ended up with a fracture in my neck and miscellaneous lesser complaints. What I like to call Fallmageddon happened on July 20. I used poor judgment in thinking I could stop Mr. S from falling off a raised flower bed. I couldn't. Let's say that he was the bowling ball and I was the pin. I went flying into a raised bed before my head and upper body bounced off the cyclone fence. Mr. S was up immediately and called the ambulance. This time I managed to add another fracture to that neck, break a wrist and jam my left hand.

In all of this, the funniest thing happened while we waited for the ambulance in the yard. My dearest man said, "You need to learn how to fall." It also goes without saying that I need to learn NOT to fall. With several weeks in a selection of braces, I am giving NOT FALLING a whole lot of thought.

I fall because I go too fast. By this I do not mean, Speedy Gonzales fast. I do not consider WHAT I am doing so much as what the goal of my movement is. I fail to plan my movements. I believe I can do more than I really can. I load up my arms with multiple tasks and set out from one room to another as I complete the tasks. Friends, this is dangerous business. We can think one thought at a time and do one thing at a time. Any other combination could be hazardous to our health.

For the record, I am currently living proof of these facts. I am lucky to be alive and lucky to have use of my body. I am waiting patiently in my neck brace to learn my fate. My arm is healing along with all the other dinged and dented parts. I hope the neck is doing the same.

I write this because I miss my friends on FB and in Geezer Tribe and other sites I frequent. I've missed your birthdays and anniversaries and life events for what seems like forever. Consider yourselves congratulated, happy birthdayed, loved and appreciated for all you do. I know this blanket method is goofy but if I love you and you love me... you'll understand because I do.

Thanks to Editor Cousin Steve for keeping the Geezer Tribe site going. I don't know how long it will be... but, like Arnold... I'll be back... xoxo

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