It's Not Nice to Fool a Geezer

I'm not sure about you but I can speak for myself when I say that I HATE to be boondoggled by ANYBODY. I don't care whether you're selling Girl Scout cookies or you are the CEO of Century Link. When things don't go as they were promised... I get upset. How upset? A lot. I usually try to storm around for a few days and blurt out angry phrases about the current adversary before I do something serious. Remember, this could be bad ground beef or three cookies in a box of 20.

You can only imagine the ranting and raving that goes with a broken promise. I believe all arrangements with businesses, friends, foes or otherwise which are delivered as promises are promises. When someone tells me I get a rate for life for example, I believe them. First because of my Pollyanna complex and second because I'm a believer in stuff like that. You know the old adage, “A promise made is a debt unpaid.” Boy howdy. Don't you dare promise me and then welch on the deal.

OK, enough ranting. By now most of you know that I am a gentle soul, given to outbursts only when I've been pushed further than the porthole where my goodwill towards men and women evaporates. I'll bet you won't be surprised to hear that this recently happened.

I outbursted myself by changing internet providers after 25 years with the same company. While I was at it, I changed telephone and had cable hooked up. My satellite dish, which seems homeless, will become a beautiful water feature for local birds. At least, that's my plan. Mr. S, who has been amazingly quiet for the past ten days or so, thinks the bird bath idea isn't good but he's allowing me to have the dream at the moment. Anything for peace in the holler. I think I might have scared him.

In the changeover I will tell you that I have paid a price for my decision to change. Change is hard. Say you make a change from crunchy to creamy peanut butter. Friends, this can't be easy. I double dog dare you to change from satellite to cable or cable to satellite. This is only for the brave or the crazy lady who lives in Netarts and can't take it anymore. A person my age should be calmer and not so reactive. Maybe. Maybe not.

Prior to making this radical change I spent one whole day of my life on the phone. First, this is a thing I do not like. I spent 35 years on the phone when I had to. Now it's supposed to be business only, dear friends or junk calls. I went out there in cyberspace looking for help with my totally wrong, not lifetime rate. I wanted to know what happened to the Shaffer family. I made seven phone calls and was misdirected, redirected, hung up on and told I was in the wrong department and/or company. By the end of the day I still had not found the mysterious department which saves lost souls like me. That was it.

I spent that evening being hurt and upset. The next morning I planned an uprising similar to my divorce with Amazon. Some of you may remember that one. Oh, the trauma of it all. Of course, Amazon and I got back together after I fractured my neck. It was too easy. I lured myself back. They didn't have to do anything.

This episode? Not so easy. Equipment had to be installed. Other equipment had to be returned. We have a new channel lineup which is missing some of our favorites. We have new remotes which confuse us. I lost all my email contacts and have to type them back in. I lost some other things too, including another couple of those marbles I covet.

Of course all important connections have been severed, and I'll need to reestablish them. Not to worry. I think I will get this done prior to the new year. I haven't even thought of having to start over. One change like this is enough for any old human. The main point here is that we should be respected and told the truth. We grew up knowing the meaning of that word and we like it. Truth is supposed to be exactly that. Not some promise which is broken for an amazing rainbow of excuses.

Listen up, corporate people. We are old and tired of being the target of increasing rates just because we can't make more than seven phone calls. It's time you gave us a break. We've given you one for many years.

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