T-Shirt Memories Come to Life

I don't know any person who doesn't have a special t-shirt stashed away. It could be from high school or a club, fundraiser or special event. It could be that special shirt you spent so much on at a concert or one that was a gift. It could be one you bought for yourself because it was too handsome to pass up.

I haven't even gotten to comfort. T-shirts are the ultimate comfort clothing. Too bad they don't make enough bottoms to match the tops. If they did, there would be a world full of people wearing nothing but finely knit cotton in bright colors with or without outrageous designs.

Design? Here you go. I'll wager there aren't many of you who don't have a collection of shirts with designs representing the things you love. It could be rodeos or festivals. It could be a breed of dog or let's just say you have a wacky collection of goats who ended up on cotton shirts. It could be artwork or funny sayings. We get a catalog every few months that prompts me to laugh until I have to order something.

The problem with these catalogs full of shirts with funny sayings is that you can find all your friends inside those sayings. While you are laughing hysterically and filling out the order form you can run yourself over the financial brink of doom... just sayin'. Your friends are certainly worthy of these funny gifts but they won't be able to talk to you much if you are in debtors prison. Gosh, I guess that's gone now but what if your cell phone gets cut off for lack of payment... or your satellite or cable? Lawdy these events must be the new age version of debtors prison.

At our house we had a shelf full of Harley Davidson t-shirts. Why? Mr. S had three Harleys during his life and a love for them that made even me jealous at times. It's funny how a motorcycle can move a man... or a woman. I have to admit that I loved the times we rode together. I was the one behind the driver. I rarely, if ever held onto him because he taught me to move the way he did. This made life easier for both of us. As the years went by and his knee went bad and my hip went bad and we finally had to ‘fess up, the last Harley was sent to our Grandson who will take care of seeing it sold. This sounds sad. It is and it isn't. There are times for all things and our time for riding a thundering lovely beautiful Harley Davidson had come to an end. This doesn't mean it made us happy. It only means we are realists.

For Mr. S, a 50 year love affair with HD left him with quite a collection of t-shirts. It was a passion both of us shared. At each of the HD stores we visited, a new t-shirt was added to the collection. Of course, friends and family members got in on the fun and added to the collection. Before we knew it, there were so many Harley Davidson t-shirts that they ended up in a stack in the closet.

It was about this time that a solution came to mind. When life gives you t-shirts... make a quilt. I started my search with Cascade Falls Quilts and Quilting. This very kind lady advised me that quilting t-shirts takes a special process and she sent me to the internet which immediately produced results. Type in t-shirt quilts and the world is at your doorstep. It was one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" moments.

Lucky me, Mom was here to help prepare t-shirts for shipping and a happy Mr. S delivered the t-shirts to the post office where they are currently headed for Texas and a new life. There are 24 t-shirt sides which will be turned into 14" x 14" quilt squares and those will be turned into a twin sized WOOBIE.

You may call it a lap blanket but at our house it will always be a woobie. We can't help it.

All this work will (hopefully) culminate in one heck of an original birthday/Christmas gift for Mr. (ST Nicholas) S. Every day between now and the day this quilt is delivered we will be happily waiting. Why? It's a gift that will keep on giving for as many... or more years than it took to create it. It's a puzzle of lovely pieces representing the past many years of our lives. It's us. It's Mr. S and Harley Davidson.

Looking for a gift idea? You might want to try this one! Have a great week.

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