We Need Our Own Summer Camp

It seems like summer camps are everywhere right now. You can find one for just about anything your grandchild or any other young friend might love. There are camps for Scouts, horse lovers, young cooks, writers, computer gamers, geeks, athletes and pretty much anything else. All you need is a motivated parent, a child and the money to pay for said camp. It's a great way to enrich kids lives and get them out from underfoot.

This camp chaos got me to thinking about us. Friends we need several variations of “Camp Geezer.” Each part of our Tribe would be responsible for establishing the camp of their choice. “Pay as you go” will be our motto.

Imagine the possibilities. Here in Netarts, Mr. S would like to start a camp. Participants would have the option of meeting daily at the local tavern and then adjourn to our tribal grounds at Fernando's Hideaway in the back yard. Here they would share stories, drink beer and laugh at each others' really bad jokes. Because we are responsible adults (or at least one of us is) the camp would be monitored and activities stopped when things looked liked they might get out of hand. Of course this would be every day the sun shined.

What about you crafty people? Geezer Tribe Yarn Craft Camp would do it for you. Since we're not kids, I kind of figured this one would be led by one of our members who has a creative sense and a slightly greedy side. Why? Have you ever known people who knit, crochet, tat and embroider? They covet the colors of others, the texture, the origin of the yarn, and so much more. I'm thinking this could lead to a little flea market where yarns, threads and patterns would be up for bid. Bring your change jar.

There will have to be a “BINGO and Card Players Camp.” It will include all those tech savvy folks who “play” online as well as those who play cards for money. Geezer “chance takers” have come a long way. We don't need to limit ourselves to lodges with animal names anymore. We deserve respect in the “playing of games” arena. It is true that some of us ride the bus to the casinos or get together in small, secret groups and spend a day playing our old hearts out. Notice, I avoided saying we love to gamble. Who do you think keeps Publisher's Clearing House in business? We do. It isn't all means we still look ahead.

“Geezer Tribe Growers” would be a natural. We could tour each others gardens and talk about plants. The biggest problem with this group is that they would have to meet for a short time because they'd need to get home and water. This mini-camp could be a problem if lots of folks showed up because you and I both know that people reach out and “selectively prune” as they walk and admire plants. In this, we are victims of our grandmothers who taught us to “pinch”. Regardless of how you pronounce are stealing a plant. At our ages... who really cares? I don't think any of us will call the cops. But we will be over to see you next year and our plant starts.

A lot of Geezer men need to talk about cars and other mechanical types of things. I'd call this group the “Gears, Grease and Geezer Tribe Camp”. The best thing about this camp is that they don't need supervision. They do, however, need special care from Geezer women when cleaning their clothing.

This bunch of “good 'ole boys” will talk until their lips fall off. They can't stop themselves and you should not try to. Throw food in if things get quiet. They should meet in a giant tent with therapeutic mattresses. Why? Of all the groups I can think of... this one has the potential to go on night and day.

The next summer camp is “Dr. Geezer: Unlicensed Old Medical Practitioners.” By now, most of us have racked up a pretty good stack of diseases. Each of those likely spawned some other malady. In this arena some of us have too much experience. Many of us have learned that you should learn to live with your body...and its ailments... and go on with your life, in all the ways you can. Disease does not rule unless you let it. Camp dismissed. :)

Finally...the “Geezer Tribe Bucket List Camp.” If you don't have a list by now... your time has come. Don't let this opportunity go by. Get help from your friends with ideas at this summer camp. It'll take you to a whole new world. Do the things you've always wanted to do NOW. No excuses. No remorse. I went to this camp twenty years ago and have never looked back.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.