Who is That Person in the Mirror?

The one thing about getting older which baffles me completely is the disconnect between my brain and my body. I never have spent much time in front of a mirror. I don't wear makeup and keep my hair short so it doesn't need anything but mowed on occasion. There really isn't much I need to look at except my yellowing teeth and who wants to do that?

The other day when I was playing with the computer I turned on the camera by accident and scared myself. It took a second or two to realize that I was looking at me. Maybe I should spend more time in front of the mirror. Perhaps it's time for the old wake up to makeup routine. Really? Nope. It's too late. I look older because I am but what about that brain of mine?

My brain still thinks we're a couple of kids. It's up there in my head trying to figure out how the two of us could paint a wall in the living room. The only time I can get Brains attention is when Body causes it pain. You would think brain would be smarter after suffering through hip surgery. It's not. A great example is that the two of us drove to the Great Valley last week. Brain was so excited that it told Body we didn't need our cane. As per usual, Brain was wrong and Body payed the price.

Apparently, if you give Body a couple of Aleve, Brain goes on a holiday. I know I'm not alone. I'll double dog dare you to tell me that your brain knows how old you are. HA! I knew it. It probably lies about your age when you aren't paying attention. As a case in point, when was the last time you fell? We all know that we are NOT supposed to fall... EVER. It is not good for our old bones and joints. I'm not sure about you but my last fall was because I believed I could straighten a rug with my foot while carrying something and reaching for the door knob. See what I mean? Brain still thinks we can do more than one thing at a time. Body can't keep up with that nonsense.

This isn't anything new. When she was in her 60's, my Grandmother Garriott broke her leg because she lassoed a calf and wasn't strong enough to hold him but was strong enough to hold the rope until the calf drug her down a bank and her leg broke in protest. See what I mean? I could say this is inherited but I'm pretty sure you've got the same genes in your family. The bigger problem that fateful day was when she decided I should drive her from Philomath to the hospital. I didn't know how to drive but our brains were in panic mode and weren't thinking logically. Trust that the drive to Corvallis in Le Car was far more painful for my poor granny than giving birth to her eight children.

I wish I had some type of foolproof system to keep our brains and our bodies in sync but I don't know what it is. I feel old for about ten minutes every morning and any time I fall, run into a doorway or try to remember something important until I write it down. Then there's that issue of finding out where I wrote it. Never mind, I feel older but not enough to battle that frisky brain of mine. It still comes up with some pretty good ideas. The problem is that my body can't keep up any longer.

The only reminder that really works is when I see a picture of myself. This is the reason I try to stay away from all devices that can take pictures. When I see the proof of age on a page it can't be ignored. Reality sets in. Body puts down the paint brush and Brain decides we should call a painter.

Aging is sneaky. By the time you realize you should have been more careful over the years, it's too late to change much. However, if you've had a creative brain and a willing body there will be a lot of stories to be told about your life and most of them will be funny. This is cause for celebration because you can still remember and share, those stories.

Yes, the person in the mirror is you... and you're lucky if you can see your wrinkles without glasses and hear the toothbrush without your hearing aids.

Your brain will probably never give up trying to be younger than your body. That's the hardest part of getting old... learning to control that brain-body connection.

The problem is that, like my grandma and the calf... most of us just aren't ready to let go of the rope. We probably never will be.

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