Winning: We Do It Every Day

Oh sure, there are lots of people out there who say you don't have to win at anything to be an important person. Maybe they are right but maybe not. It really depends on your definition of being a winner. There are only about 8 gazillion books out there which tell you what a winner is and how to be one. Don't waste your time. I already know you're a winner.

When I was a young business woman in high heels and a three piece suit I actually read a couple of paragraphs of one of those books. What I learned was what I already knew and my feet still hurt at the end of the day. If you worked really hard and were tough you could be a big success and a winner in business. Oh yes, and your feet hurt. That aside, there were a couple of other problems. I couldn't muster up the right kind of tough attitude and I never learned how to be part of a corporation without finding fault with their thinking. I also wanted a life that belonged to me.

"Profit can't be the only objective in a business." A short story by Linda Shaffer. This pretty sums up why my career was fraught with issues. I never quite fit in. There were some wins through the years and I treasure those... especially the ones which live on in communities and in those talented folks I met and worked with along the way.

You can tell that I put in some time trying to figure out where I fit in this world. The further away I got from working... the closer I got to finding that place. I'm pretty sure you might feel the same. Now to the important part. I have found that there are more opportunities to be a big winner in old age than at any other time in life. Don't shake your head at me... think this through.

When you get up in the morning and make it to the bathroom on time, you win. It's the start of another day and your dignity remains intact. If you need help doing this... not to worry... you get double winner points. If the person who helps you get through the day is a Geezer you get triple points. See how fast these things add up? If you watch the news and yell at the TV I think you should get bonus points. These should be like a sparkler or something. Too bad. If I sent out bonus points from Geezer Tribe Headquarters you'd start a fire and I'd end up in prison for aiding and abetting. Bonus points should also be given if you scream dirty words when your neighbor's dog poops in your yard or someone pulls out in front of you when a light turns red.

You are a winner if you get a five letter word into four spaces in your crossword puzzle. Don't even TRY to tell me you haven't done it. My personal specialty is 'ever so slightly' bending puzzle pieces. If you get any answer correct on Jeopardy... you WIN. In fact in some households, you yell, "HA!! I got FINAL JEOPARDY HARDEE HAR!!!"

I can't imagine where those people live. Who would do that?

Since I've already told you that we watch Price is Right every day you won't be surprised to find out that the show has become a competitive playground. Between 10am and 11am you may hear a man or woman saying loudly, "I TOLD HIM IT WAS $15,000! WHAT A DORK." You might also hear something like, "SEE? I told you it wouldn't be that much!" Competition? Between those peace loving Shaffers?

I figure the next step here at Casa Shaffer is going to be side-betting on television game shows. Why? Like Guy Fieri says, "Winner, winner chicken dinner." We've got to win... one way or another. Through the years this behavior has slowly crept up on us. Oh sure, it started with predicting which horses might win in the Preakness (no bets were placed) and has ended with us betting on whether the neighbor lady's ribs are better than Nurse Shaffer's.

Here's the key to why we will be winners for all the years we have left. We take great joy in things that used to not matter. They matter now because we've learned how wonderful and funny some of those things are. We don't care if people make fun of us for laughing at the wrong time and we can't disappoint the boss by our behavior.

Our priorities have changed. Thank God... we're Geezers and we win!

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